It’s that time again – I’m running for re-election to keep up the fight against the Democratic super-majority in Springfield, and I need your help! To get on the ballot as a candidate for State Representative in the 95th District, I’m setting a goal to collect over 1,000 signatures.

If you’d like to collect petition signatures from registered voters in our district, you can download a copy of my petitions by clicking HERE or by clicking the picture below. Directions on how to circulate petitions can be found below as well.

We need to meet our signature goal soon, so please return the completed and notarized petitions to me by Sunday, November 17. You can mail the petitions to our campaign mailing address: PO Box 123, Farmersville, IL 62533.


If you have any questions or would like to help, don’t hesitate to text or call me at 314-884-2016 or email me at [email protected] Thank you so much in advance for your help.


Please Return All Petitions By November 17, 2019

Please mail petitions to our campaign mailing address: PO Box 123, Farmersville, IL 62533


1. The signer must be a registered voter at the address where he/she resides and must reside within the candidate’s election district.
2. The signer may only sign for himself/herself. He/she may not sign for his spouse, children, friends, or neighbors. If the signer signs any other names, he/she is committing the crime of forgery.
3. Signers should sign as they are registered to vote. The inclusion or exclusion of middle initials is not important. Shortened first names may be used, such as Bill for William.
4. The signature should be written in the voter’s usual style. Most people sign in cursive script. The signer should sign as their voter’s registration card shows.
5. A signer MAY NOT sign petitions for candidates of more than one political party for the same primary election. So, they cannot sign for Democratic and Republican candidates.
6. Petition signers and circulators may change party affiliation from one election to another. (If you last voted in the Democratic primary, you may sign a Republican petition.)
7. The petition signer does not have to fill in the city, village, or county himself/herself. This can be done by the circulator. The only mandatory requirement for the signer is to sign his/her name and street address.


1. The circulator, who is the person who requests the voter to sign, does not have to be a registered voter or live in the district. The law only requires a circulator be eighteen (18) years of age when they circulate the petition and be a citizen of the United States.
2. The circulator MAY NOT circulate petitions for candidates of more than one political party for the same primary election.
3. The circulator must personally see each registered voter sign the sheet (it cannot be left for passive signatures). The circulator has the sworn duty to insure that only valid signatures are on the petitions. If the circulator fails to do so and signs the bottom of the sheet, he has possibly committed perjury. A circulator may sign a sheet as a voter.
4. Petitions which do not have signatures on each line are acceptable. Do not use abbreviations such as “L.S.D.” for Lake Shore Drive. Write the words out in full. Do not use ditto mark (“) Abbreviations such as “St.”, “Ave.”, and “N.” are acceptable.
5. When the circulators have completed signature-gathering, they should complete the circulator’s affidavit in the presence of a Notary Public. The circulator must certify address, age, and citizenship information and also certifying that the signatures on that sheet were signed in his/her knowledge the persons so signing were duly registered voters of the political subdivision for which the candidate shall be nominated, or elected, and that their respective registration addresses are correctly stated therein. A sheet may not be signed and left to be notarized when the notary arrives at a later time.

You can download a copy of petition instructions by clicking HERE.